13 December 2013

AuthCentral 2.8 Update 1 out now

AuthCentral 2.8 Update 1 is now available for download. This first update to the current version includes various fixes, improvements and extra features. Existing AuthCentral installations an be upgraded in place to the latest version.

A key new feature is full support for AuthCentral to be installed onto Windows Server 2012, including 2012 R2!

The download is available here: http://winfrasoftdownload.com/authcentral/WinfrasoftAuthCentral2.8.5701.0.zip

3 December 2013

PINgrid SDK for Java

PINgrid SDK for Java now available

The Winfrasoft PINgrid Java SDK is the essential tool for developers wanting to integrate PINgrid technology into Java projects. The SDK includes a compiled JAR file with ready to use class and sample code to get started.

Download it now for integration into your applications from here: http://pingrid.org/downloads

25 October 2013

Appliance Update 1.0 now available

Winfrasoft announces the availability of Appliance Update 1.0

This update improves the security of the SSL cryptographic hardening & enables newer protocols. It also improves system reliability by resolving a minor memory leak issue.

The update can be applied to all Winfrasoft Gateway TMG and UAG appliances, and AuthCentral appliances with build numbers 4.0 through to 4.3.

SSL Security Hardening update:
Applies additional SSL cryptographic hardening by disabling insecure renegotiations and enabling TLS 1.2 & 1.2. Uninstalling this update will remove the additional SSL lockdown settings.
Verify the results using the Qualys SSL Labs test tool -  https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/

Windows Hardware Management update:
Update to the Winfrasoft plugin for the Windows Hardware Management service to rectify a memory leak issue. This update can NOT be removed.

Note: This update is already included in build 4.3.131016 and is not available for installation.

The update is available via the Winfrasoft Support page or directly here:

17 October 2013

VPN-Q ready for Windows 8.1

Winfrasoft is pleased to announce the immediate availability of updates to both VPN-Q 2009 and VPN-Q 2010 which includes full support for Windows 8.1 - a week before Windows 8.1 is officially released!

VPN-Q 2009 Service Pack 3 and VPN?-Q 2010 Service Pack 2 are supported on Windows 8.1 down to Windows XP and are free updates for existing customers.

Download the updates today from http://www.winfrasoft.com/vpnq.

VPN-Q 2010 is a multi-layer remote access gateway solution which implements real-world security principles by layering strong authentication, health state checking, quarantine control, network access controls and protocol filtering in a single solution.

30 September 2013

Mobile Banking Security Negligence

Winfrasoft adds to the debate about mobile banking security and the problems that exist with the solutions in use today.


14 July 2013

Winfrasoft AuthCentral Server 2.8 out now!

Winfrasoft is pleased to announce the availability of AuthCentral Server 2.8, the latest release of the authentication platform which includes PINgrid, the SC Magazine Europe 2013 award winning technology, in addition to PINphrase and PINpass.

The new release improves on version 2.5 and includes dozens of fixes and improvements requested by customers and partners.
What's new? Highlights include:
Active Directory Passthrough authentication - This provides a seamless way to co-exist/migrate from AD username and password to strong 2 Factor Authentication as our server can now process both sets of credentials simultaneously. Furthermore, the passthrough function can be restricted based on AD groups.

Emergency Override Access - In an emergency situation you can allow access with a fixed password/PIN and limit its use based on a period of time or number of uses. Emergency access will automatically be removed when a use next logs on with strong authentication.

Improved Management via MMC and Web - The AuthCentral Management Console includes many usability improvements including user searching, account status icons and now fully supports installation on Windows 8. The Web Operator Console also includes user searching as well as the ability to update more user properties. Updated JavaScript libraries further improve compatibility with the latest browsers for the Operator and Self Service Portals.

Download now!
This is a FREE upgrade to all existing customers with a valid support agreement. The installer supports in place upgrades and all settings will be migrated from the previous version.

10 May 2013

Winfrasoft PINgrid wins SC Magazine 2013 award

Winfrasoft are very please to receive the SC Magazine Awards 2013 Europe Winner accolade in the Best Secure Transaction Solution category for its PINgrid multifactor authentication solution.

The Winfrasoft approach to strong authentication is to combine the something you have and the something you know to produce a One Time Code using a non-reversible method. By leveraging patterns and shapes, the something you know can be kept secure as it never leaves your head. In addition, the something you have cannot produce a One Time Code by itself, it needs the something you know to function.

The built in Transaction Signing functionality adds a third factor to prove what you are doing to remove threats of man-in-the-middle attacks.

For further information about PINgrid and how it can solve your authentication problems visit http://www.winfrasoft.com/pingrid/

1 March 2013

AuthCentral 3.0 BETA now available

Winfrasoft is pleased to announce the availability of AuthCentral Server 3.0 BETA. AuthCentral 3.0 is the next major release of the authentication platform which delivers PINgrid, PINphrase and PINpass technology.

The new version builds on version 2.5 and includes various improvements requested by customers and partners. The beta release is feature complete and already at a very stable level, so much so that Winfrasoft has already deployed into its production environment!

What's New?
Desktop Logon Agent for Windows - Add 2FA or 1.5FA to the Windows CTRL+ALRT+DEL logon process to provide secure access to all your desktop and laptop PC's. The agent is fully Group Policy controlled and even supports offline logons!

Emergency Override Access - In an emergency situation you can allow access with a fixed password/PIN and limit its use based on a period of time or number of uses. Emergency access will automatically be removed when a use next logs on with strong authentication.

Where can I get the BETA?
The beta is available to download from our web site:

Winfrasoft shall supply premium free of charge support for all beta users.

28 February 2013

Winfrasoft Appliances win isaserver.org prize

Winfrasoft are pleased to announce that the Winfrasoft TMG & UAG Appliance Series won the 1st runner up prize in the isaserver.org Readers' Choice Awards for the best Hardware Appliance. Congratulations to Avantis who achieved 1st prize, albeit with a narrow margin.

This is a great achievement for Winfrasoft, and Avantis. The results show that the popularity of Celestix appliances (once regular winners of this prize) has waned significantly and are now in a distant 3rd place.

Thank you to everybody who voted for us in the poll, and a thank you to isaserver.org for the award.

21 February 2013

Forefront UAG 2010 Service Pack 3 out now!

The eagerly awaited Service Pack 3 for UAG 2010 is now available from Microsoft. Winfrasoft has tested SP3 on the Winfrasoft UAG Appliance range and fully supports this update.

  • SP3 brings some key new features to UAG including:
  • Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 and Windows RT.
  • DirectAccess for Windows 8 clients.
  • Remote Desktop Protocol 8 (RDP8) from Windows 7 and 8 clients.
  • Office 2013 applications.
  • Publishing for Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013.
  • Windows Phone 8.
  • Windows 8 / RT Mail client.

Download UAG 2010 SP3 from Microsoft now: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36788

For a full rundown of what is in UAG 2010 SP3 check out MS KB2744025: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2744025

Not sure which version of UAG you are currently using? Find out here: http://www.winfrasoft.com/support/kb/kb-38.aspx

Note: You must have UAG 2010 SP2 installed before installing SP3.

7 February 2013

PINgrid on the 2013 short list

We are pleased to announce that Winfrasoft PINgrid, the ground breaking Grid Pattern Authentication solution, has been shortlisted for the prestigious SC Magazine Europe 2013 Awards in the category of "Best Secure Transaction Solution". This is in recognition of PINgrid's unique ability to provide secure transaction verification and signing capabilities with an easy to use soft token and pattern recognition.


We would like to thank SC Magazine for their consideration.