1 March 2013

AuthCentral 3.0 BETA now available

Winfrasoft is pleased to announce the availability of AuthCentral Server 3.0 BETA. AuthCentral 3.0 is the next major release of the authentication platform which delivers PINgrid, PINphrase and PINpass technology.

The new version builds on version 2.5 and includes various improvements requested by customers and partners. The beta release is feature complete and already at a very stable level, so much so that Winfrasoft has already deployed into its production environment!

What's New?
Desktop Logon Agent for Windows - Add 2FA or 1.5FA to the Windows CTRL+ALRT+DEL logon process to provide secure access to all your desktop and laptop PC's. The agent is fully Group Policy controlled and even supports offline logons!

Emergency Override Access - In an emergency situation you can allow access with a fixed password/PIN and limit its use based on a period of time or number of uses. Emergency access will automatically be removed when a use next logs on with strong authentication.

Where can I get the BETA?
The beta is available to download from our web site:

Winfrasoft shall supply premium free of charge support for all beta users.

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