12 July 2009

IAG to UAG Migration tool - you will need IAG SP2

The upcoming IAG to UAG Migration Tool from Microsoft enables customers to migrate their existing IAG SP2 deployments to UAG easily and in a predictable manner. The migration tool automates almost every aspect of IAG/UAG configuration migration. As a result, the time, cost, and risks associated with migrating to UAG are greatly reduced.

The IAG to UAG Migration tool supports configuration migration from IAG 3.7 SP2 only. Customers with IAG 3.7 and IAG 3.7 SP1 systems wishing to migrate to UAG will need to perform first configuration migration to IAG SP2 (using export-import functionality). There is no migration path to UAG from IAG 3.6 or earlier releases. Backward migration (UAG to IAG SP2) will not be supported as well.

The IAG to UAG Migration Tool consists of the following major components:

  • Migration Analyzer – evaluates the complexity of the migration project, produces the list of potential issues.
  • Data Converter – performs IAG SP2 configuration conversion.
  • Configuration Import – applies converted IAG SP2 data into UAG configuration.

Note: Unlike other vendors, all Winfrasoft IAG appliances ship with SP2 installed making for the easiest migration to UAG possible.

Winfrasoft launches new ISA and IAG Appliance Range

The Winfrasoft Appliances Series is SOLUTION focused, not hardware focused. With our background of an ISV (Microsoft Gold Certified) we are uniquely positioned to deliver appliances that solve real world problems by working with best of breed partners like HP, Microsoft, Websense and others.

New to the range is the entry level 3000 Series appliance built on an HP DL120 server. The 3000 Series is available with both ISA Server and IAG. This appliance is designed to be the best value for money on the providing superiour hardware quality and spec, a high value software stack and the lowest retail price on the market.

The 4000, 7000 and 9000 have had a software refresh and bring new features are standard, inclusing VPN-Q 2009 and X-Forwarded-For.

VPN-Q 2009 Service Pack 1 now available

Service Pack 1 includes various fixes and new features based on customer
feedback. In order to benefit from all the new features in SP1 the server
installation must be upgraded and a new client setup package must be created and

Service Pack 1 Fixes / Updates

  • Correct issues controlling the "Winfrasoft VPN-Q 2009 Management
    Service" from VPN-Q 2009 Server Manager.
  • Windows Vista SP2 correctly detected.

Service Pack 1 Enhancements

  • Full Windows 7 Support including policy control.
  • Updated Anti-Virus and Personal Firewall detection algorithm to improve
    detection on Vista SP1 and higher.
  • Updated OS detection algorithm to better cater for future Windows
    Service Pack releases.
  • Built in demonstration mode.
  • OEM / Appliance ready.
  • French language support added to VPN client.