28 September 2012

PINgrid SDK for Android and new Android Soft Token now available

Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

Winfrasoft is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the PINgrid SDK for Android. The SDK allows developers to integrate PINgrid pattern based Two Factor authentication technology into their existing Android applications with minimal effort. Integrating the Two-Factor token logic directly into an application creates a seamless experience for the end user as they don’t have to flip from one app to another.

The PINgrid SDK’s are now available for Microsoft .NET, Windows Phone, Silverlight and Android and are available as free downloads from http://pingrid.org/downloads

PINgrid Android Token

An updated soft token for Android was released to Google Play yesterday. The new token makes use of the PINgrid SDK for Android and also includes the following new features:

  • Fresh look and feel
  • Transaction Verification
  • Themes/Colour options
  • Clipboard support
  • Supports profiles

Get the app here on Google Play: http://bit.ly/SUfOxm

About PINgrid

PINgrid is a revolutionary authentication and transaction authorisation technology standard that takes advantage of the mind’s hard-wired ability to remember patterns and shapes. It uses this handy evolutionary inheritance to provide a simple-to-use and secure, logon and transaction verification system - all while removing the need for users to carry key fobs or tokens, or remember multiple passwords or PINs.

11 September 2012

VPN-Q is now ready for Windows 8

Winfrasoft is pleased to announce the availability of VPN-Q 2009 Service Pack 2 and VPN-Q 2010 Service Pack 1. These updates include various fixes and improvements as well as full support for Windows 8 (RTM).

VPN-Q 2010 is a simple to use and highly secure VPN solution which is now compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 clients. This broad coverage of platforms eases the remote access burden on IT staff and maintains familiarity with users across different OS platforms.

The new versions can be downloaded from our web site at http://www.winfrasoft.com/VPNQ
and the VPN-Q client auto updates will be made available from 17/09/2012.

6 September 2012

TMG/ISA Server Jumpstart 2012

Winfrasoft is pleased to be co-sponsoring the TMG/ISA Server Jumpstart 2012 event in Milan, Italy on 27th-28th November 2012.

This is great 2 day technical event for all Forefront Edge IT Pro's who want to sharpen up their ISA & TMG skills. We are recognise and applaud the efforts of http://isaserver.it for promoting and growing regional skills in TMG and ISA Server.

For more information about the event or to sign up visit http://www.isaserverjumpstart.com/

3 September 2012

PINgird Transaction Verification updates

Transaction Verification
Following the recent banking hack revelations of Operation High Roller, Winfrasoft has been working hard to include Transaction Verification protection mechanisms for this class of attack in PINgrid. Our whitepaper discusses the detail of how we do it, and we have already made significant steps towards making the solution available for all.

Over the past few weeks Winfrasoft has released the following SDK updates for PINgrid to include Transaction Verification functionality:
  • PINgrid SDK for Microsoft.NET
  • PINgrid SDK for Microsoft Silverlight
  • PINgrid SDK for Windows Phone 7.1
In addition, the following Soft Tokens now too include Transaction Verification functionality:
  • PINgrid Token for Windows Phone
  • PINgrid Token for BlackBerry
BlackBerry Enterprise Server
If your organisation is running a BES server to manage your BlackBerry devices, you can now deploy the new PINgrid Token for BlackBerry via BES instead of via AppWorld.

Ready for Windows 8
In other news, the PINgrid Desktop Token for Windows has been updated to be fully Windows 8 (RTM) compatible... with a new Metro version specific to Windows 8 on the way soon!

Get these updates today from http://www.pingrid.org/downloads.html