14 December 2009

$1000 off a Microsoft Forefront Appliance Upgrade!

The Christmas present that lasts until Valentine’s Day: $1000 off a Microsoft Forefront Appliance Upgrade!

Need to replace your ISA, IAG or Whale appliance?

Act now to reserve your $1000 voucher redeemable on 4000, 7000 or 9000 series… ISA and IAG appliances … or …TMG and UAG appliances when released.

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8 December 2009

Forefront appliances now available on HP G6 platform

Winfrasoft are pleased to announce the available of the 7000 and 9000 series of ISA and IAG Appliances on Hewlett-Packard (HP) G6 servers. The HP G6 range now supports up to 144Gb RAM with 18 memory modules and 15k RPM SAS drives as standard.

A 1st for the NHS - Using CfH Smartcards for Remote Access

Winfrasoft have successfully deployed their Smartcard Access Services (SAS) for IAG solution with BEHHIS NHS Trust. The solution allows NHS Trusts to utilise the existing Connecting for Health (CfH) smartcard as a 2 factor token for Internet based remote access purposes into the trusts network. This is a 1st for the NHS to utilise the cards in this way as the deployment does not involve deploying PKI or certificates.

The NHS are able to make substantial time and money saving on this solution as SAS utilises the certificate that is already on the smartcard. Furthermore, the built in self-provisioning features enable a user to automatically link their smartcard with their Active Directory user account, giving them single sign-on to Trust based applications using the smartcard.

To quote Perry Meyer, Senior Project Manager for BEHHIS, “I’m pleased to announce we have successfully installed and tested the Remote Access CfH smartcard solution today”…“Many thanks to the Winfrasoft team; Darren and Satbir as well as Thomas and Neil from network support who all participated in this successful deployment.”

Smartcard Access Services (SAS) for IAG is part of Winfrasoft’s Health Access System which incorporates various customisations for the NHS.