25 October 2013

Appliance Update 1.0 now available

Winfrasoft announces the availability of Appliance Update 1.0

This update improves the security of the SSL cryptographic hardening & enables newer protocols. It also improves system reliability by resolving a minor memory leak issue.

The update can be applied to all Winfrasoft Gateway TMG and UAG appliances, and AuthCentral appliances with build numbers 4.0 through to 4.3.

SSL Security Hardening update:
Applies additional SSL cryptographic hardening by disabling insecure renegotiations and enabling TLS 1.2 & 1.2. Uninstalling this update will remove the additional SSL lockdown settings.
Verify the results using the Qualys SSL Labs test tool -  https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/

Windows Hardware Management update:
Update to the Winfrasoft plugin for the Windows Hardware Management service to rectify a memory leak issue. This update can NOT be removed.

Note: This update is already included in build 4.3.131016 and is not available for installation.

The update is available via the Winfrasoft Support page or directly here:

17 October 2013

VPN-Q ready for Windows 8.1

Winfrasoft is pleased to announce the immediate availability of updates to both VPN-Q 2009 and VPN-Q 2010 which includes full support for Windows 8.1 - a week before Windows 8.1 is officially released!

VPN-Q 2009 Service Pack 3 and VPN?-Q 2010 Service Pack 2 are supported on Windows 8.1 down to Windows XP and are free updates for existing customers.

Download the updates today from http://www.winfrasoft.com/vpnq.

VPN-Q 2010 is a multi-layer remote access gateway solution which implements real-world security principles by layering strong authentication, health state checking, quarantine control, network access controls and protocol filtering in a single solution.