9 November 2012

AuthCentral 2.5 Update 2 now available

Winfrasoft is pleased to announce the availability of Update 2 for AuthCentral Server 2.5. The update includes some fixes and new functionality, most notably Transaction Verification and support for the new PINgrid soft token for Windows 8 Modern UI & Windows RT.

Update 2 change log:

- NEW: Added PINgrid transaction verification functionality via web services.
- NEW: Added PINphrase "Use multiple questions per login" option to improve security strength of the challenge.
- NEW: Added support for Windows RT (Windows 8) devices with "Metro" UI.
- FIX: Removed legacy Windows Mobile 6.5 device support.
- FIX: Other minor bug fixes

AuthCentral 2.5 Update 2 can be downloaded from:

Existing AuthCentral installations can be upgraded in place without loss of settings or configuration. Note: A reboot may be required to complete the install.

5 November 2012

PINgrid goes “Metro”

Winfrasoft has been working very closely with Microsoft for the recent launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT. We recently announced Windows 8 compatibility for our VPN-Q 2010 remote access solution and the PINgrid Desktop Token... and now our PINgrid Token designed specifically for Windows 8 and Windows RT is available to download from the Windows Store.

Windows Store

The new soft token brings the same functionality as our tokens on other platforms and also bring a new tiled interface to specifically fit with the new "Modern UI" in the latest version of Windows. The new PINgrid Token is designed to run on Windows 8 (x86 and x64), as well as the new ARM powered Windows RT platform which runs Microsofts new Surface RT tablet. The PINgrid Desktop Token can also be used on Windows 8 in “desktop mode” if required.

With the release of this new app, Winfrasoft PINgrid is now available on 6 (yes SIX) mobile platforms and app stores, as well as the traditional Windows desktop, which makes PINgrid one of the most flexible and widely deployable soft token solutions on the market today.
Everything PINgrid can be downloaded from http://pingrid.org/downloads or search your devices app store for "PINgrid" or "Winfrasoft".