10 January 2011

New TMG & UAG Appliance builds available, including UAG Service Pack 1

Winfrasoft is pleased to announce an appliance image refresh to build 4.0.101231.

As part of Winfrasoft’s commitment to providing real value-add to Forefront appliances, Winfrasoft is the first Forefront appliance manufacturer to release UAG appliances running SP1. UAG Service Pack 1 brings many improvements and new features to UAG and is a much improved DirectAccess platform.

The new TMG Appliance builds includes the latest TMG update (SP1, Update 1, Rollup 2) as well as Winfrasoft VPN-Q 2010 for the ultimate VPN security solution. TMG Enterprise/Branch now includes the recently released X-Username filter in addition to the existing X-Forwarded-For filter.

Appliance Build 4.0.101231 includes:

  • All SKU’s include TMG SP1, update 1, rollup 2
  • UAG SKU’s include UAG SP1
  • TMG SKU’s include Winfrasoft VPN-Q 2010
  • TMG EE/BE SKU’s include Winfrasoft X-Username (new product)
  • Contains all Microsoft updates up to the end of 2010, including SQL 2008 SP2
  • Hardware driver refresh
  • Various bug fixes
  • Security and performance improvements
  • Download split into 4 files with built in self-extractor for more reliable downloading

All Winfrasoft appliances are currently shipping with build 4.0.101231 installed as standard. This is a free update for all existing appliance customers currently running either TMG or UAG appliances with valid support which can be downloaded from our web site. Note: There is no in-place upgrade option; a factory reset with the new image must be performed.

Visit http://www.winfrasoft.com/appliance.htm for further information.