20 August 2009

IAG SP2 update 2 now available

Microsoft have released update 2 for IAG 2007 SP2. You will need to have at least IAG SP2 installed to make us of this update - which all Winfrasoft appliances already have!

Please check the Winfrasoft KB for the latest information and download details: http://www.winfrasoft.com/kb-31.htm

This update includes many significant fixes for existing and new IAG customers. The major fixes/features in this update are:

  • For trunks which do not publish an AAM application, the IAG Session cookie will be a site cookie instead of a domain cookie.
  • Fixed erroneous IAG behavior when headers contain blank characters.
  • Fixed bug for supporting Citrix XenApp5 application.
  • Fixed parsing of text/html response Content-type (not binary) body using Chunked encoding type.
  • Fixed a failure occurring when using IAG’s Socket Forwarding client component on a Citrix terminal Server, when the browser accesses a web site for the 2nd time.
  • Fixed a IAG server fault in WhlCppInfra.dll.
  • Fixed a SharePoint Persistent Cookie Name Race Condtion.
  • Fixed an Authorization Key Header memory Corruption while using an "Authorization Key" header.
  • Fixed a failure in the endpoint detection policy of AVG on the client computer (mistyped value in the detection policy expression).
  • Fixed an Incorrect header removal when header is substring of another header.
  • Fixed Day Light Saving change Deletes Internalsite rules and Portal rules and some parameters from these rules.
  • The communication between Windows Mobile 6.1 and Exchange 2007 SP1 has changed slightly due to the updating of the EAS protocol to EAS v12.1 – added support/fix for it.
  • Enabling above 2KB http header request by modifying the following registry key (MaxAllHeadersLen), to prevent SNT from throwing the following error to the client: "Allow http header block of a request to exceed 2KB and avoid SNT throwing an error".
  • Fixed non English locals inconsistent encoding/decoding detection.
  • Fixed a few issues related to FormLogin.
  • Modified the rule-set that broke Java SSL Wrapper.
  • Added support to recognize iPhone as "macintosh". iPhone now belongs to “Other OS”. To allow iPhone access, policy should be configured accordingly.
  • Fixed non-IE security issues detection.

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