12 July 2009

IAG to UAG Migration tool - you will need IAG SP2

The upcoming IAG to UAG Migration Tool from Microsoft enables customers to migrate their existing IAG SP2 deployments to UAG easily and in a predictable manner. The migration tool automates almost every aspect of IAG/UAG configuration migration. As a result, the time, cost, and risks associated with migrating to UAG are greatly reduced.

The IAG to UAG Migration tool supports configuration migration from IAG 3.7 SP2 only. Customers with IAG 3.7 and IAG 3.7 SP1 systems wishing to migrate to UAG will need to perform first configuration migration to IAG SP2 (using export-import functionality). There is no migration path to UAG from IAG 3.6 or earlier releases. Backward migration (UAG to IAG SP2) will not be supported as well.

The IAG to UAG Migration Tool consists of the following major components:

  • Migration Analyzer – evaluates the complexity of the migration project, produces the list of potential issues.
  • Data Converter – performs IAG SP2 configuration conversion.
  • Configuration Import – applies converted IAG SP2 data into UAG configuration.

Note: Unlike other vendors, all Winfrasoft IAG appliances ship with SP2 installed making for the easiest migration to UAG possible.

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