27 May 2015

PRESS RELEASE: Winfrasoft Launches Remote Desktop Agent to Deliver Two-Factor Authentication For Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services

Winfrasoft today announced the launch of its Remote Desktop Agent (RDA) that takes advantage of its award-winning PINgrid solution to deliver secure two-factor authentication (2FA) for organisations using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services. Quick and easy-to-deploy without the need for code changes, RDA enables IT security teams to comply with 2FA policy requirements, without slowing down the user log-in experience.

When a user attempts to log-in to their desktop remotely they are presented with the familiar username and password challenge, alongside which they are asked to enter their one-time PINgrid passcode. The user simply enters the digits included within their individual PINgrid pattern, which is displayed on their smartphone or tablet, via the PINgrid app. For organisations that want to strengthen their authentication but do not require full 2FA, RDA can be deployed directly on to the login screen as a non-obtrusive 1.5FA solution.

CEO of Winfrasoft, Steven Hope comments: “Many organisations rely on Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services to provide employees with anywhere access to their desktop via an Internet connection. The big problem for IT security teams is that it doesn’t have two-factor authentication built-in. Our RDA solution uses PINgrid, which is trusted by public and private sector organisations around the world to deliver strong authentication.”

Remote Desktop Agent is available now.

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