3 November 2014

Winfrasoft To Reassess How Assets And Information Can Be Secured At Info-Crime Summit In London

Winfrasoft will be helping more than 200 heads of security to move away from password-based protection at the Info-Crime Summit The company behind the award-winning PINgrid is sponsoring and participating in the event which takes place in London on 25th and 26th November.

CEO of Winfrasoft, Steven Hope will host a 40 minute boardroom session which will open with a brief history of the password, a candid review of what passwords are good and bad for, a discussion around the inherent flaws of password protection in today’s world and practical measures that can be taken to solve them. Hope states: 

“Archaic password-based systems underpin most of today’s authentication and often it is the only line of defence. Now is the time to reassess how assets and information are secured from the ground up, with the help of the latest technology innovations.”

Winfrasoft is a FIDO Alliance member, Microsoft Certified partner in Security & Identity and embedded systems, and contributing member of OATH, so is ideally placed to provide information security professionals attending the Info-Crime Summit with the information and tools needed, in order to respond to the surge in dissatisfaction and disillusionment surrounding password-based authentication.

The company will also being demonstrating its award-winning PINgrid authentication solution. It uses a 6x6 number grid that can be presented to the user on-screen, or on their smart device via an app. The user simply creates a memorable pattern (from a possible 2.1 billion different combinations) and then each time they wish to logon to a site protected by PINgrid they use this pattern to extract a one-time code (OTC) from the numbers on the grid. Furthermore, as PINgrid is kept separate from the login screen it safeguards against keylogging, screen scrapping, fingerprint smudges and shoulder surfing.

For more information about the Info-Crime Summit visit: http://www.info-crime.com/

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