23 October 2014

Winfrasoft Appliance update for SSL 3.0 POODLE attack (CVE-2014-3566)

Winfrasoft is pleased to make available Winfrasoft Appliance Update 2.0 for all Winfrasoft appliances running Microsoft Forefront TMG, UAG and Winfrasoft AuthCentral. The update protects the appliance from the recently discovered vulnerability in the SSL 3.0 protocol and the POODLE attack (CVE-2014-3566) and further hardens the cryptographic configuration of the appliance.
Detailed information and the download location of Winfrasoft Appliance Update 2.0 is available here: http://www.winfrasoft.com/support/kb/kb-42.aspx
All support enquiries should be emailed to support@winfrasoft.com

The SSL 3.0 vulnerability is an industry wide issue and is not restricted to a single vendor. Further information about the vulnerability and the attack is available here:

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