3 September 2014

Winfrasoft to Showcase PINgrid the Password Alternative At GITEX Technology Week

BRACKNELL, UK - Winfrasoft, will be showing visitors to GITEX Technology Week how its award-wining pattern-based authentication solution, PINgrid, is making passwords a thing of the past. The authentication company with be on stand C3-1C at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 12th till the 16th October. 

The PINgrid solution is attracting widespread attention from the banking, payments, healthcare and retail communities around the world, as a cost-effective way to replace traditional hard-tokens and to remove the negative impact of the barriers passwords put in the way of accessing online services and corporate networks. To demonstrate the effectiveness of PINgrid, Winfrasoft will run a week long challenge at GITEX Technology Week.

Sales and Marketing Director at Winfrasoft, Alissa Lang explains: “Anyone that visits our stand will have as many chances as they like to try login in to a desktop that we have protected through PINgrid. If they can crack the code they walk away with a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.” The 8x8 number grid version of PINgrid has 68.7 billion pattern combinations, so to give people a chance Winfrasoft will be using the standard 6x6 grid configuration that contains just 2.1 billion different combinations! 

Lang adds: “Despite rigorous and regular penetration testing PINgrid has never been cracked. However, the real purpose of the challenge is to get people hands on with the solution and to demonstrate just how strong yet usable it is, whether it is implemented as a 1.5, 2 or even 3 factor authentication solution.” 

With the PINgrid solution in place an organisation can present the grid-based challenge on-screen in 1.5FA format, or it can be used to transform any smartphone or tablet in to a soft-token using the PINgrid app. The user sets the pattern of their choice and when they want to login they simply type the numbers that feature in their grid pattern in to the PIN box displayed on their laptop, desktop or mobile device screen. As the numbers are constantly changing the code they enter changes.

“Because the pattern is never revealed and the numbers are forever changing, PINgrid safeguards against common attacks such as keylogging, screen scrapping and even shoulder surfing,” comments Lang. “In fact we will encourage visitors to carefully watch our team login and then try to do the same.” 

Winfrasoft’s attendance at GITEX Technology Week follows a highly successful exhibition of PINgrid at CeBIT in Germany at the invitation of the UKTI and Infosecurity Europe in London earlier this year. To learn more about PINgrid you can watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YshA42jh5kg

For more information about GITEX Technology Week and to register visit: www.gitex.com. CEO of Winfrasoft, Steven Hope will be available for briefing at the event and to schedule a meeting contact Graham Thatcher on Tel: +44 (0) 2380 111 970 or Email: graham.thatcher@mccint.com.


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