3 September 2012

PINgird Transaction Verification updates

Transaction Verification
Following the recent banking hack revelations of Operation High Roller, Winfrasoft has been working hard to include Transaction Verification protection mechanisms for this class of attack in PINgrid. Our whitepaper discusses the detail of how we do it, and we have already made significant steps towards making the solution available for all.

Over the past few weeks Winfrasoft has released the following SDK updates for PINgrid to include Transaction Verification functionality:
  • PINgrid SDK for Microsoft.NET
  • PINgrid SDK for Microsoft Silverlight
  • PINgrid SDK for Windows Phone 7.1
In addition, the following Soft Tokens now too include Transaction Verification functionality:
  • PINgrid Token for Windows Phone
  • PINgrid Token for BlackBerry
BlackBerry Enterprise Server
If your organisation is running a BES server to manage your BlackBerry devices, you can now deploy the new PINgrid Token for BlackBerry via BES instead of via AppWorld.

Ready for Windows 8
In other news, the PINgrid Desktop Token for Windows has been updated to be fully Windows 8 (RTM) compatible... with a new Metro version specific to Windows 8 on the way soon!

Get these updates today from http://www.pingrid.org/downloads.html