3 February 2010

Winfrasoft launches SSL VPN Smart Card solution for the NHS

Winfrasoft Health Access System (HAS) is a secure access solution enabling NHS Trusts to gain greater value from the NHS CRS Smartcard by using it to provide secure and easy access to all resources, whether from within the Trust, the home or while on the move. Built on the Microsoft Forefront Edge Gateway server platform HAS is the first solution to enable the use of the NHS CRS Smartcard for true Single Sign On providing access to all applications as well as the Trust’s network while significantly reducing IT costs and helpdesk calls.

Winfrasoft NHS-specific Health Access System makes use of both the CfH-bought Microsoft CALs and NHS CRS Smartcards to deliver three solutions in one low-cost package:
  • Web Single Sign On
  • Remote Access
  • Self Service Password Reset

Visit the HAS web page for further information: http://www.winfrasoft.com/has

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